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California Surety Bond

$15,000 Bond for all 4 Years

The Surety Bond is required for all new California Notaries. Simply make your purchase online and the bond will be mailed to you, at which point you can file it at your local County Clerk’s office. 

All bonds and insurance are sold by our partner, SwiftBonds. 

Bond and E&O Insurance Combo

We always recommend putting your best foot forward with your new career, that’s why we recommend E/O Insurance for all notaries, especially those wanting to work as Loan Signing Agents. 

Most clients will only hire Loan Signing Agents who have E/O Insurance. We recommend purchasing a $100,000 policy, but we have lots of options to suit your budget. 

The prices set by our partner SwiftBonds is the absolute lowest we could find in all our research. 

Can I buy E/O Insurance Separately?

Good question! Because of legal requirements and regulations imposed by the insurance companies, the only way to purchase the E&O Insurance is in conjunction with the bond. 

Some students have asked us if they can purchase the bond now and then the E&O Insurance later. But unfortunately, the insurance companies providing the insurance won’t allow it. So we recommend purchasing the combo if you want to have E&O as part of your Loan Signing Agent benefits. 

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