Loan Signing e-Book

Congratulations on your purchase! You can download the Loan Signing e-book here. From there, you can read on your desktop or print from your computer! Happy Loan Signing! 

Cheat Sheet

A quick and handy list of forms and documents that you are likely to see during a loan signing. Keep this PDF on your phone for quick reference in the field! 

Loan Signing Docs

An exhaustive collection of actual Loan Documents, the exact kind you will encounter when notarizing a Loan! Get to know them, because you will be seeing them a LOT!

Loan Instructions

These are ACTUAL loan instructions sent to Loan Signers! While each Loan Package will have different instructions, it’s good to get an idea of exactly what lenders might ask for. 

3 Day Cancel Calendar

Each borrower has a 3 Day right to cancel. Keep this on your phone as a handy reference when doing a Loan Signing. When a borrow asks when they can cancel, you’ll have the answer! 

Full Course just $79

24/7 access, Loan Signing Webinar, videos, study guide, practice exam and more.