Official Notary Test

If you’re ready to take your Notary Test, check out the schedule on the CPS website and register. 
(Test availability has been affected by COVID. Make sure to read the notice below).

Your Proof of Completion
You will get this after finish the class. If you have finished, go here to print it out

$40 Check or Money Order
Make the check or money order out to “Secretary of State” and you’ll give that to the test proctors. It’s only $20 if you are re-taking the test.

Passport Style Photo
You can get this done at Walgreens or photo store. Or, you can make your own. Just print a straight-on photo (like in a passport photo) on a white background and then cut it out to 2″ by 2″.

Number 2 Pencil
Hint, bring two because they don’t provide them at the test! 

Your ID
You can bring a Driver’s License, Passport or any government issued ID.

Notary Application
If you need help filling out your application, watch this lesson which was a part of your Notary Class. You can Download your Notary Application here

Practice Test

Your Practice Test will activate after completing your class. 

Video for Practice Test

Your Practice Test will activate after completing your class. 

Practice Test

It’s time! You’ve completed the class and now it’s your chance to see rehearse for the real thing. Good luck! 

Video for Practice Test

Watch this video after taking your test for complete explanation of each answer. 

How COVID has affected the test

If you try to register for the test on the CPS website, you will likely see a message saying “zero spaces available”. That’s because of Covid. The State has been really backed up. In fact, if you try to register online, you won’t see an option available for months. That being said, often times 40% of the those registered don’t show up for their test. So if you go to the testing site on that day, you can get on the walk-in list.

Here’s the thing: you want to get there EARLY, before 7am. That’s because they have 5 tests throughout the day: 8:30, 10:30, 12:30, 2:30 and 4:30. If you arrive at 8am, you’ll be number 30 or 40 on the walk-in list and you won’t take the test until the afternoon, which is a waste of your whole day. But if you arrive before 7 and you’re number 2 or 3 on the walk-in list, you will likely get in one of the first 2 tests.

Check out the schedule below to see the dates and times that work for you. You can try to register, but if your date is full, then plan on getting there early to walk-in!

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