Live Scan Class

If you’re interested in adding live scanning to your Notary Career, sign up for the Live Scan Class. Just $20 and covers everything you need to know to become a Live Scanner!

Fingerprint Rolling Application

This is the application you will fill out and send to the Department of Justice. Mail this application to the address on the bottom of the page. The DOJ may take 2-4 weeks to respond. 

BCIA 8016

Fill out this form and take it with you to a current Live Scan Operator. It sounds ironic, but you need to get live scanned to be a live scanner! Use this form to do that.

Department of Justice Website

This is the official DOJ site for Fingerprint Rollers. Make sure to read through this website and the handbook so that you have a clear picture of becoming a Live Scanner. 

Full Course just $79

24/7 access, Loan Signing Webinar, videos, study guide, practice exam and more.