Notary Supply Kit (New Student Discount)

The Exclusive, Complete Notary Kit - Everything you need to start your Notary Career! Includes: Official Notary Stamp Seal, California Notary Journal, Inkless Thumprint Pad, Unlimited Acknowledgement Forms, Jurat Forms, Power of Attorney Copy Certification Forms, Certification Of Copy of Journal Forms, Subscribing Witness Forms - literally every form you will ever need!


CA Certified Notary Seal – Regular Sized Stamp

This State Certified Notary Stamp is the official California Notary Seal. It’s self inking and comes with an easy-to-use placement indicator so you get an accurate stamp every time. This is the Seal normally included in the Notary Kit.


CA Certified Notary Seal – Super Slim Stamp

This State Certified Notary Stamp is our Super Slim version, making it small enough to fit in your pocket or purse and take on the go. The Notary Kit includes the Full Size Notary Stamp but this Slim Stamp is a great option for notaries on the go.


Jurat Stamp

This self-inking Jurat Stamp provides all wording you need to perform a Jurat. Most documents that require Jurats have enough room for this stamp, making it a convenient alternative to Jurat Forms.


CA Disclaimer Stamp

As of 2015, State of California requires all documents to posses the Disclaimer Statement. When that information isn’t present, you can use this Disclaimer Stamp to make the document legal for California.


CA State Certified

License Number 607272



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